Non-Programming Customization with Automation Step

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As you many know about this ” Some Acumatica ERP functionality is implemented through automation steps, which are steps to be executed on an Acumatica ERP form for specific records or objects generated in the system, depending on the properties of the record or object. For a data entry Acumatica ERP form, you can create any number of automation steps that redefine the functionality of toolbar actions, add values to combo box lists, or provide default values for the form elements, based on the properties of the records under processing. ” – Help Document

Today I would like to share with you about the ability to do customization with Automation Step.

  • Enable / Disable button, field in Screen
  • Enable Processing using the Automation Step

Customize Screen

Firstly, you can enable/ disable button in each entry screen in Acumatica by using condition. Let example in the Customer Screen, I will do the validation for Credit Hold Status:

  • Disable New Payment Button
  • Disable Customer Name

Customize workflow

Secondly, I would like to show ability to add the Action in Processing Screen.

The scenario is you want to have a mass process to place your order in to back order status, but by default the action for mass update for action “Place on Back-Order’ have not been added to Process Order.

Here are the steps to bring this action to mass processing screen.

Go to Automation Step
Navigate to the tab Actions

Click on “Place on Back-Order” and press “Flow” button”
Under Mass Processing Section you choose the screen “Process Order”
Back to Process Order Screen, new Action is added
Try Action and Process it
Check the Result

In conclusion, with Automation Step you can easy to customize your screen and also work flow. Not only the standard screen, you can also apply customization action for your new screen in Acumatica. Please check out this article from our Help Document

By the way, you have seen “Step ID” in screen, to determine step in Standard Acumatica Screen, you can enable and show the automation steps by adding the line <add key=”AutomationDebug” value=”True” /> in the webconfig file.

Have a nice customization without any single line of code 🙂

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  1. Would you be so kind and advise me how to activate Delete button for Balanced transactions via Automation steps (2018R2)? Thanks a lot!

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