Where Acumatica name came from?

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Just a short interesting question “Why Acumatica is named Acumatica”? Actually it is combination of words Accounting (accou-) and Automatics (-matic). So we get “Accu-matic-a” 🙂 Last “A” is just for good sound.

Also if you ever found wandering why PXGraph is named as Graph, than there is a reason – it is related to data structure inside. Using DataViews you define relation between database tables. These relations looks like a graph-structure as has a lot of direct and indirect references back and forth. So that is the reason.

Acumatica PXGraph

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    1. PX was a temporary name of a startup project, before it was named Acumatica. PX stands for “Project X”, which does not mean anything special.

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