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Hi everyone,

Since version 2018R2, Acumatica has released feature call Side Panel on generic inquiry screen. It is a great feature to enhance the usability. In case that you have missed it, you can also check released notes here and configuration here.

With side panel now, you can help user work more effectively by avoiding to many navigation. In one screen, you can do a lot of things for instance: view details of record or linked object, review dashboard, report, etc …

Today I would like to share about the configuration. It can help user who need to work with some report or printed form can access it easier. Let take a look on Printed Form of Sales Order, and normally user need to choose order type,order nbr and click view report.

Now I set up the configuration for Sales Order Inquiry Screen. The new Navigation is Side Panel and parameter which we can get value from GI.

And here is my result, when I change record in GI, I can easy to see my printed from in the side panel:

Now you can see it would be easy to access the data than you need to to a lot of actions as before.

Hope it can help you during the implementation.

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