Maximize Selector Drop-Down with JavaScript

Hi Everyone, Some time ago I had a question – is it possible to automatically maximize (expand) selector window when we opens it. Out of my research I know now that there is no settings for that in the selector configurations but this is very possible with Javascript. And following another example of Javascript in Acumatica I want to share this example with you. First thing we need to do is to add a Javascript control to Acumatica grid where you are planning to expand selector. Than we just add the Javascript method that finds the selector panel from passed parameters and calls it’s method to expand Now we need… Read more

Implement PXTransactionScope

Sometimes, part of your coding requires you to revert any transactions that were processed in the middle of a transaction. Acumatica Framework has the function to cope with that. That is using the PXTransactionScope(); As mentioned also in the Blog before by Sergey Marenich (ctrl + click to follow link : PXTransactionScope– this scope will initialize new transaction, so you can wrap-up some changes into transaction, when system will revert all changes together on any exception. Do not forget to call commit for the transaction scope before dispose it. Sample code snippet below is one of the many ways you can implement the PXTransactionScope. You must call the method ts.Complete(); to… Read more

Rename Acumatica Instance

Hi All, Once in a while everyone need to rename Acumatica instance to the better name. In this article I want to share with you 2 ways how you can do that Using Wizard Acumatica Configuration Wizard has a nice function to rename any of the installed instances. Renaming includes the Instance name and Virtual Directory Name. To do so: Open Wizard Go to “Perform Application Maintenance” Choose instance you want to rename Click “Instance Info” Use “Rename” links next to “Instance Name” or “Virtual Directory Name” Don’t forget to Save and close the window using OK button. Sql Server Database should be renamed manually, but wizard can help to… Read more