Maximize Selector Drop-Down with JavaScript

Hi Everyone,

Some time ago I had a question – is it possible to automatically maximize (expand) selector window when we opens it.

Out of my research I know now that there is no settings for that in the selector configurations but this is very possible with Javascript. And following another example of Javascript in Acumatica I want to share this example with you.

First thing we need to do is to add a Javascript control to Acumatica grid where you are planning to expand selector.

Acumatica Javascript Control

Than we just add the Javascript method that finds the selector panel from passed parameters and calls it’s method to expand

function myValueChanged(sel, ev)  
    var panel = sel.panel;

Now we need to register this events using Selector Client Events. Please note that if you use grid, you need to use PXSelector control from RowTempalte for this property.

Acumatica Selector Drop Down Show

Now you can publish the customization and test your selector. You may note that sometimes extra scroll bars appears with that selector, but if you know JavaScript you can control this behavior easily.

Acumatica Maximized Selector

Hope it helps!

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