Switch between Old and New Processing result UI

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You know that starting from Acumatica 2019r1 there is a new processing result window that shows more information about record processed and pending.

Acumatica Processing Results

However you should know that it is possible to control this behavior via graph code. There is a virtual property at PXGraph -> IsProcessing which identifies if this page should display processing result in the new format. And you can override this property in a processing graph to not display the Processing dialog box on the processing page. If the value is false, the progress and the result of the processing are displayed on the page toolbar.

By default, the value is true (the Processing dialog box is displayed).

The following example shows the property overridden in a custom SalesOrderProcess graph.

public class SalesOrderProcess : PXGraph<SalesOrderProcess>
     public override bool IsProcessing
          get { return false; }
          set { }

If you do that, Acumatica will display old-warm processing spinner:

Acumatica Processing Spinner

Have a fast processing!

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