Random Value cannot be null error on implementing EPApprovalAutomation.

It took me weeks to figure out what is happening on my screen when I implement the Standard approval automation on my customized screen. The Culprit: The NoteID field with [PXDBGuid()] which is the default attribute when you generate new dac via Customization Project. just change it to [PXNote] because NoteID is required in EPApprovalAutomation class for the reference of Document to Document relationship. Happy Coding!

Redirection to a Dashboard in Acumatica ERP

In this article I cover different ways to navigate to a dashboard in Acumatica ERP. Redirection from Generic Inquiry Let’s start with the simple example of navigation to a dashboard from a generic inquiry. For this example I use generic inquiry that just shows a list of customers. Our goal in this example is to add navigation from the generic inquiry to the Customer View dashboard for specific customer. To do that we need to edit the generic inquiry as following: Open the generic inquiry in edit mode and open Navigation tab. Click Plus button in Screens section. Select sitemap node corresponding to the destination dashboard. As the dashboard in… Read more