Redirection to a Dashboard in Acumatica ERP

In this article I cover different ways to navigate to a dashboard in Acumatica ERP.

Redirection from Generic Inquiry

Let’s start with the simple example of navigation to a dashboard from a generic inquiry. For this example I use generic inquiry that just shows a list of customers.

Customers Generic Inquiry

Our goal in this example is to add navigation from the generic inquiry to the Customer View dashboard for specific customer.

Customer View Dashboard

To do that we need to edit the generic inquiry as following:

  1. Open the generic inquiry in edit mode and open Navigation tab. Click Plus button in Screens section.
  2. Select sitemap node corresponding to the destination dashboard.
  3. As the dashboard in this example contains one parameter, the parameters becomes available in the Navigation Parameters grid. Select the value that we are going to use for filter on the dashboard.
  4. Go to Results Grid tab and use defined navigation in Navigate To column for some field.
Editing GI
Editing GI

As a result, we now have the generic inquiry with a link redirecting user to the dashboard. It is possible to setup as many different navigations as needed, so different fields on the same row can redirect user to different screens.


Dashboard as a Side Panel in Generic Inquiry

Now let’s improve usability of the previous example. For different user scenarios it may be beneficial to have different redirection behavior. For some scenarios navigation in the same window is preferable, for another scenario navigation to the new browser window is the best fit. You can define navigation behavior on the Navigation Tab for each navigation separately.

Navigation Modes

There are four navigation modes:

  1. Same Tab
  2. New Tab
  3. Pop-Up Window
  4. Side Panel

First three are self explanatory, but the fourth one needs additional introduction. Starting from 2018 R2 version of Acumatica ERP it is possible to define one or several side panels for generic inquiries.

Side Panel Example

Using Side Panel navigation you can define dashboards that can depend on currently selected row, reports, and data entry screens. It is even possible to use other Generic Inquiries as a side panel for a generic inquiries.

Redirection to a Dashboard from Any Screen

Starting from Acumatica ERP version 2020 R1 it is possible to create actions for navigation to a dashboard. That’s how it can be done:

  1. Go to customization projects screen and customize existing screen. After that navigate to Actions section of the screen.
  2. Add new action
  3. Select needed dashboard as your destination screen.
  4. Select needed Window Mode
  5. Fill dashboard parameters using fields from the screen.
Navigation to a Dashboard without Coding

As a result you’ll get new button on the screen that navigates user to a dashboard keeping context of the record users sees on the screen.

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