Add actions to the Process Orders screen (SO501000)

Hello Everyone, I would like to share my experience with the Workflow Automation steps in the Customization Project on this functionality. In the Process Order screen, we have below limited actions that are allowed to be scheduled. Create Shipment Open Order Remove Credit Hold Prepare Invoice Cancel Order Create and Authorize Create and Capture Apart from these actions, we can also add the other actions to this processing screen using Workflow automation steps and also allow us to be scheduled. Please find the steps below. Step 1: In the Customization project, add the Sales Order screen(SO301000) using Add Screen à Customize Existing Screen action. Step 2: On the left menu… Read more

Implement Numbering Sequence for Customized Field

In this article, I would like to cover how to add a numbering sequence to the customized field in the custom screens. Numbering Sequences are useful to generate a unique number or ID each time a user creates a document. I have created a new customized screen i.e. Deck Setup with DeckNbr as a auto-numbering field. Please find the details below. Example Deck Setup Graph Code Sales Order Preference screen customization Introduced a new custom field i.e., Deck Numbering Sequence in the Sales Order Preferences screen. The numbering sequence is to be used to assign IDs to Deck when a new Deck is created by using the Deck Setup screen.… Read more