Working With and Troubleshooting Copy Paste Functionality

Intro Copy pasting data in different software has became a must have quality of life functionality over the years. So, in Acumatica ERP there is of course a built-in mechanism for copy-pasting documents. However, since different documents have different business rules, copy-pasting functionality is not that straight forward and may be a little bit tricky at times. Let’s see how a developer can control the copy-paste behavior and troubleshoot it in case of incorrect behavior. Functionality Description First I’d like to quickly overview the Copy-paste functionality in Acumatica ERP. Copy paste button presents on many forms in the system. It usually looks like that: Let’s see what each button does:… Read more

Redirection to a Dashboard in Acumatica ERP

In this article I cover different ways to navigate to a dashboard in Acumatica ERP. Redirection from Generic Inquiry Let’s start with the simple example of navigation to a dashboard from a generic inquiry. For this example I use generic inquiry that just shows a list of customers. Our goal in this example is to add navigation from the generic inquiry to the Customer View dashboard for specific customer. To do that we need to edit the generic inquiry as following: Open the generic inquiry in edit mode and open Navigation tab. Click Plus button in Screens section. Select sitemap node corresponding to the destination dashboard. As the dashboard in… Read more

Calculating Grid Totals on an Inquiry Form

One of the common requirements that one may have for the inquiry form is to have Totals calculated for some column in the grid. It may seem a simple task, but there are some unexpected obstacles that make it hard to implement the feature properly. Straightforward Solution We can implement the requirement with the help of a filter delegate. Assume that we have the filter view and the grid view. Add a field for accumulated result to the filter DAC. In the filter delegate get records from the grid view. For example: This code works, but it has several issues: It does not consider user defined filter for the grid Filter… Read more

Working with Generic Inquiries from Code

Generic Inquiries is a powerful tool to build ‘no code customizations’ for Acumatica ERP. However, it is also a tool that may be used in code too. In this article I show couple of examples of working with Generic Inquiries from code. Redirect to a Generic Inquiry You can redirect user to a Generic Inquiry from code almost the same way you redirect user to any other screen. To do that, you throw special PXRedirectToGIREquiredException. This exception has several overloads with different arguments. The simplest one requires only one argument – name of a Generic Inquiry (the one you see in Inquiry Title field on Generic Inquiry Design screen). See… Read more

Generic Inquiry Tips & Tricks

Hi everyone! As you may know, a lot of things (such as OData, Push Notifications, Dashboards) in Acumatica are based on Generic Inquiries. In this post I’d like to share some tips and trick related to building GIs I found useful. I hope you’ll find them useful too. Join conditions containing multiple tables. Probably, the most unintuitive trick that you can do is adding join conditions based on fields that are not in the list of Parent Fields or Child Fields. Actually, you can use every field from every table to build join conditions in GI just like you do in SQL. You are not restricted by just Parent fields… Read more