Dependency Injection in Acumatica ERP

Recently I had a chance to work with Dependency Injection in Acumatica ERP. I want to share how it works and how one can use it. Let’s assume that we have a REST Service, which we want to inject into Sales Order Entry and work with it using Actions. First, we need to create interfaces that we will use for injecting the implementations into the Sales Order Entry. Now we can add the implementations of the interfaces : and The final step will be to register our implementations with Autofac, which is done by defining an Autofac Module and overriding the Load method: Now we can inject our types into… Read more

Playing with PXSelectorAttribute

Sometimes it’s necessary to add some columns to Selector to show different values , calculated based on complex formulas involving multiple tables. Usually these kind of tasks are requested by customers to show different quantities for item/warehouse selectors based on some simple or complex calculation rules. For example, you are implementing custom availability based on some item parameters and need to show the quantity by warehouse. Below I will describe one of the ways to implement this kind of field. Let’s assume that we need to show some Available Quantity for the Warehouse in the Warehouse Selector on the Sales Order Line. Below is the SiteID field definition from the… Read more