Acuminator Outlining

Hello everyone!This is a third post in the series describing Acuminator. It will be dedicated to the feature called outlining. So, what does outlining mean? It’s an ability to collapse code parts unimportant to you at the moment in the code editor. I’m sure every .Net developer that uses Visual Studio or VS Code has seen this feature. You can collapse classes, methods and many other syntax structures. In C#, you can also add your own collapsible blocks with regions. Acuminator Outlining Now you may ask: “How is this feature related to Acumatica?” There are many really big BQL queries in Acumatica code. Some of them do not even fit… Read more

Acuminator Coloring

Good day, everyone!This is a second post in the series dedicated to the Acuminator. Today I would like to tell you more about the Acuminator syntax coloring. Feature Overview Syntax coloring is one of the most common and useful features given to programmers by development tools. It uses a simple idea – to emphasize some text in program by coloring it in different colors. This allows quickly and clearly show to a reader keywords, variable declarations and many other useful things. Our attention is drawn to words with a different color and this is used to show us the important parts of the code. The color itself also gives some… Read more

Acuminator Diagnostics Tips

Hello, everyone! This article starts a series of posts devoted to Acuminator. Acuminator is an extension for Visual Studio. It strives to achieve two goals – to check that Acumatica Framework is used correctly by means of static analysis and to ease work with Acumatica for developers. You can read more details about the project on GitHub. In this post I want to share with you a couple of useful tips about Acuminator diagnostics: The documentation and justification for every diagnostic can be found here. You can see diagnostics for all open files in Visual Studio’s Error List window. Every time you open or close code file the list with… Read more