Show user-friendly description instead of a field value in the grid for a selector

In many cases it will be more usable to display a user-friendly description instead of a field value in the grid for a selector. To do that, firstly you should add DescriptionField for the corresponding selector definition in your DAC, and then either add SelectorMode to the selector definition, or add DisplayMode property to the aspx. For example, before adding DisplayMode property, my grids contains just field values: After I add DisplayMode=”Text”, a DescriptionField value is displayed instead of field value: The other supported values of the DisplayMode property are “Hint” (the column cell contains the value-description pair of the field) and “Value” (default value, the column cell contains the… Read more

Run report with Side Panel

Hi everyone, Since version 2018R2, Acumatica has released feature call Side Panel on generic inquiry screen. It is a great feature to enhance the usability. In case that you have missed it, you can also check released notes here and configuration here. With side panel now, you can help user work more effectively by avoiding to many navigation. In one screen, you can do a lot of things for instance: view details of record or linked object, review dashboard, report, etc … Today I would like to share about the configuration. It can help user who need to work with some report or printed form can access it easier. Let… Read more

Configuration Lot/Serial with Custom Date Format

Hi all, In Acumatica, we have ability to configure for the auto incremental number Lot/Serial in the stock item. Today I would share about using the configuration with Custom Date Format. Firstly, you need to make sure that the Lot/Track Serial need to be enable in Feature. Secondly, you need to create the configuration by navigate to the screen Lot Serial Classes. As you already know in this screen, we will defined how we can track our Lot/Serial. Now try the configuration as image bellow: Thirdly, navigate your browser to stock item screen. In this scree, we will mapping the configuration to specified stock item. Finally, you have finish the… Read more