Send Documents to Printers

Hi All, There is an nice function in Acumatica 2018R1 – Device Hub. This service can be installed on any machine where printer is configured/available and automatically pull Acumatica for documents need to be printed. There are a lot of screens who uses this function in the standard Acumatica already, but today I want to give you a quick look on how you can write your custom code and send request to printers. Device Hub First of All device hub should be installed on your computer, connected to Acumatica and configured with Available printers. Printers also should be Configured in Acumatica. Customization Now we can write a bit of code.… Read more

Loops in Notification Templates

Hi Everone, There is a nice functionality in Acumatica that allows you to print details of the document inside the notification template. Together with other Data Fields, now you can put additional constructions like Loops (or for-each loops) <foreach view=”Products”> ((Products.InventoryID)) – ((Products.Quantity)) – ((Products.CuryExtPrice)) <br> </foreach> Here you can find following important elements: ((Products.InventoryID)) – is link to the data view and field. You can use designer to insert fields like this using button “Insert” -> “Data Field” <foreach> – here it is the reserved word for the beginning of the loop view=”Products” – this is a view name that is used to get data from database. You can… Read more

Continuous Integration with Acumatica Platform

Hi Everyone, A bit earlier on Acumatica Cloud Development Conference I had a Black Belt Development practices. As part of it I covered an automation tools Acumatica supports. In this article I want to extend this topic a bit with more examples and links. Automate Acumatica Wizard Installation Acumatica installation wizard is a standard MSI (Microsoft Installer) package that can be managed with standard windows tools. For example there is msiexec.exe tool that can do installation and de-installation from console. Here you can read more about msiexec parameters. With Acumatica you can use following command to install it: msiexec.exe /i /a /qn “AcumaticaERPInstall.msi” /i – installation command /qn – quiet… Read more

Add new Value to Combo-Box via Automation Steps

Hi All, Lets assume that you need to add a new value to combo-box control without any dependent logic. And you do not want to do this with Customization as you do not know that. And with Acumatica it is really easy to do. Lets check an example where you need to add new source for leads. “Source” is just for informational purpose and does not have depended logic (in other words there is no different business logic depend on selected value). So that means that if we add a new value there we do not break anything. If your combo-box has logic associated (fields enabled disabled / different calculations)… Read more

Approval Workflow Customization

Hi Everyone, Today I want to share with you one important point about customization of automation approval workflow. Firs of all please read this article on Stack Overflow to understand how Acumatica Approval works. But here I would take Purchase Orders screen as example, because there we already have automation workflow configured. In the article below, you may notices that all approval logic is encapsulated into the special Data View – EPApprovalAutomation. On the Purchase Orders form it is designed like this: [PXViewName(Messages.Approval)] public EPApprovalAutomation<POOrder, POOrder.approved, POOrder.rejected, POOrder.hold, POSetupApproval> Approval; EPApprovalAutomation is just a class with multiple virtual methods that you can override and customize. So we can create our own approval… Read more

Mass Processing using GI

Hi All, Lets assume that you have multiple records where you need to mass execute some action or update multiple fields to the new value. From the I100 Acumatica Integration Services Training course you may know that you can do it with Export or Import scenarios. Integration Scenarios are some sort of the small program inside your ERP where you can update multiple fields, calculate depended values, execute actions and so on. But what if you want to have more control on records need to be updated. Some sort of semi-manual mass updating tool? In this case Generic Inquiry Mass Update feature can be more interesting and useful. Lets try… Read more

Running Automaton Button from code

Hi All, Here I want to share one example of customization. We want to trigger a button that is defined as Automation action from code. The problem here is that the button is not defined in the code, so we need to trigger it the same way how UI does it. To do this we have do several tricks: Define a new custom PXView that will return record that we want to process Create an adapter, that will provide data for button handler. Adapter will get data from custom PXview. Create a separate instance of graph, that will handle action. Code example with comments: View the code on Gist. Big… Read more