Configuration Lot/Serial with Custom Date Format

Hi all, In Acumatica, we have ability to configure for the auto incremental number Lot/Serial in the stock item. Today I would share about using the configuration with Custom Date Format. Firstly, you need to make sure that the Lot/Track Serial need to be enable in Feature. Secondly, you need to create the configuration by navigate to the screen Lot Serial Classes. As you already know in this screen, we will defined how we can track our Lot/Serial. Now try the configuration as image bellow: Thirdly, navigate your browser to stock item screen. In this scree, we will mapping the configuration to specified stock item. Finally, you have finish the… Read more

Automate Inter-Company Transactions – Architecture

Hi All, I have this question quite a lot in Asia, mostly because there you probably have a big company already if you explore the ERP options. Many medium/big companies in Asia have multiple locations, multiple offices, multiple legal entities in multiple countries. This comes to the point where you have to do some inter-company transactions that affects multiple companies. Inter-Company Transaction Inter-company accounting is the process of recording financial transactions between different legal entities within the same parent company You can classify inter-company transactions in 2 types: One transaction that hits multiple companies. For example when you pay rent from one company to multiple others. This transactions can be… Read more

Replenishment In Acumatica

Hi Everyone, Today I want to briefly explain a replenishment functionality in Acumatica. Overview Acumatica has designed replenishment feature based on most common requirements of SMB companies, however it is extended with advanced algorithms of automatic calculation replenishment parameters based on seasonality or historical transactions. In the same time you need to understand that Acumatica replenishment may not support some powerful replenishment features like advanced demand forecasting based on future SO/PO orders or other forecasting methods. In case of such requirements you can use full power of Acumatica xRP platform flexibility and customizability and you can and there other required features features. Acumatica replenishment is split into the two steps:… Read more

Order of Tenants On Login Screen.

Hi Everyone. You may notice sometimes that order of tenants on logins screen might be broken like on this screenshot. That usually happens because the order of companies is broken in the database (where Acumatica stores it). On this screens you can see select of data from Companies table and you see mess in “Sequence” column. Why it can happened? The most common case is snapshot restoration. When you create a snapshot it stores the position of the company to correctly restore it if you need. But if you restore the same snapshot in the different company you may have a situation that 2 companies have the same Sequence number.… Read more

Loops in Notification Templates

Hi Everone, There is a nice functionality in Acumatica that allows you to print details of the document inside the notification template. Together with other Data Fields, now you can put additional constructions like Loops (or for-each loops) <foreach view=”Products”> ((Products.InventoryID)) – ((Products.Quantity)) – ((Products.CuryExtPrice)) <br> </foreach> Here you can find following important elements: ((Products.InventoryID)) – is link to the data view and field. You can use designer to insert fields like this using button “Insert” -> “Data Field” <foreach> – here it is the reserved word for the beginning of the loop view=”Products” – this is a view name that is used to get data from database. You can… Read more

Toggle List as Entry Point

Hi All, List as entry point is very nice feature that allows yoг to see multiple documents together. However in some cases you may want to get document faster and eliminate unnecessary clicks. Luckily Acumatica gives your options to choose if you want to enable it or now. You can control this for Modern UI and Classic UI separately.  Just go to screen Lists as Entry Points (SM208500) In the end to make my life few seconds easier I have created a simple button that can toggle On and Off lists as entry point wherever I need them or not. View the code on Gist. Have a easy UI.

Volume Based Prices In Contracts

Hi All, Quite recently I have discovered that Acumatica Contracts Module support different types of prices agreements: Fixed price – In this case you setup specific price (that can be standard or specially agreed) inside Contract Item Volume Based Prices – In this case final price of one item will depend on customer usage, like a standard volume based prices in Acumatica. Fixed Price Fixed price is configured thought Contract Item Than you can setup contract with this contract item and start to use it When you bill contract and check invoice you can see that Acumatica use exact price from Contract Item. You also can set-up extra usage price… Read more

Manual Mass Notifications

Hi All, Lets imagine scenario where you want to send multiple notifications about multiple documents from the system. It might be quite complicated if you decide to do it manually. Today I want to show you one trick how you can trigger standard notification on multiple documents at once. For this task we will use Automation Notifications, Custom Field and Generic Inquiry. My scenario would be to update my customers about quotes that are expiring soon. I want to review them before sending notifications, but do not want to do it one by one. General idea is – to have a special not visible but editable field that will trigger… Read more

Useful Web.Config Parameters

Hi All, Acumatica as standard ASP.NET application stores some configurations in web.config file. Some parameters can be really useful for users and developers. In this article i want to share with you parameters that really can help you. AutomationDebug (Default false) – An indicator of whether an information about the current automation step (state of a form of Acumatica ERP) is displayed on the form. If you set the value of the key to true, the text box with the current automation state is displayed on the Info area of a form of Acumatica ERP. Very useful parameter if you changing automation steps CheckCustomizationCompatibility (default True) – If the key… Read more

Configuring Batch Payments for Custom File Format

Hi All, Today I want to share with you an configuration way for new bank format. Out of the box Acumatica supports: ACH and GIRO file types. Support for bank files works through configuration of 3 different components Batch Payments – Process where multiple payments can be combined to one single document. Exactly this document will be exported to payment file. Export scenarios – To generate real file from document Acumatica uses export scenarios with special data provider. Scenario is uses as instruction and columns mapping between file and acumatica. Data Provider – Knows how to generate required file. For different payment standard you may need to create a different… Read more

Approving of Requisition Requests depend on budget validation

Hi All, Starting from past release of 5.3 (version 5.30.1966) Acumatica has added new option to help you to define different approval logic depend on the budget validation. On the RQRequest DAC now we have a new field “Is Over Budget”, that you can check when you configure your approval maps. This flag will be automatically calculated by the system, when any line in the request has exceeded the configured budget. Actually this flag represents the budget validation warning. The budget validation and system behavior on budget exceeding can be configured on Request classes form. System can raise errors, warnings or do nothing. If we want to approve over-budget items… Read more