Add new Value to Combo-Box via Automation Steps

Hi All, Lets assume that you need to add a new value to combo-box control without any dependent logic. And you do not want to do this with Customization as you do not know that. And with Acumatica it is really easy to do. Lets check an example where you need to add new source for leads. “Source” is just for informational purpose and does not have depended logic (in other words there is no different business logic depend on selected value). So that means that if we add a new value there we do not break anything. If your combo-box has logic associated (fields enabled disabled / different calculations)… Read more

Customize Email Processing in Acumatica

Hi Everyone, You know that Acumatica CRM has ability to process incoming mails, create cases or leads, attach messages to existing contacts and so on. Lets discuss how doe it wars and is there any ability to customize it. First of all, to enable mail processing you should activate and configure it for your email account on “Email Accounts” screen When you have activated incoming mail processing system will automatically process all incoming emails. There are about 14 steps of processing (do wee need to create a case? do we need to attach email somewhere? do we need to route email? … and so on) Some processing steps can cancel… Read more