Renaming Currency

Hi All, Today want to share with you one way, how you can prepare Acumatica database for more personal demo. If you use demo data, you may find that your base currency is in USD. But sometime you want to change it and show all transactions in local currency of your country. But there is no way to do it from the user interface. But Currency code in Acumatica is just a string value that can be renamed on database level. But the tricky this is that it should be renamed in all tables at once, otherwise you will have a data inconsistency. In this article will provide you the… Read more

Embed Excel Online File to Acumatica User Interface

Hi All Have you ever use Google docs or Office 365? It is new way of working, when all your documents are somewhere in the cloud. Many employees can view and edit documents simultaneously. Today I want to share with you one trick how you can include Excel file  (and other office documents as well) right to Acumatica user interface. If you interesting in this, welcome in this article. Configurations Steps: First of all you need to create excel file. I will use InvoicedItems,xlsx file that is attached to InvoicedItems generic inquiry page in Sales Demo data. Login to your Office 365 aтв open One Drive Upload your excel file to one… Read more

Consolidation Demo

Hi Everyone, Today I want to speak about consolidation functionality in Acumatica. By using this functionality you can consolidate financial data from subsidiaries into a the parent company. The general process is described on this image: You can easily reproduce this scenario for your customer. To do this, fist of all I recommend you what very good consolidation demo video on YouTube: Using Acumatica to consolidate financials across systems and currencies On the next step you should prepare your demo environment. To do this you should install 2 instances of Acumatica locally/in the cloud and upload corresponding demo data there (you can find in on Acumatica Partner Portal). Demo data consist… Read more

Acumatica Overview Demo

Hi Everyone, Just want to share with you super nice and professional demo from Acumatica team. In my opinion every partner should watch it and be able to show some parts of the system to prospect like here. Acumatica overview video on YouTube. Acumatica is leader in usability, and you can prove it with Nucleus Research ERP Value Matrix. But to make customers believe it and say WOW, you have to show it. Live demo of Acumatica is most important and impressive key sealing point where we have true advantage over other systems. Show live Acumatica, speed up your deals closing process. Thank you!

Personalize Acumatica for Demo

Hi Everyone, Some times you want to impress your prospect with super nice demo. Of course you can do good investigation and nice presentation, but to be great you need to speak with customer on the same language. That means that you need to prepare customer specific data in your demo system. But also you can slightly customize Acumatica instance to show customer logo and icons. What else you can easily customize to show nice and familiar UI to customer: Customize login page images, Customize logo, Using different themes, Customize style and colors. Lets discuss all these stuff. Customize login page It is nice if customer will see their own logos and images… Read more

Custom Images to Login Page

Hi Everyone, Do you want to customize login screen to see custom images that are related to your own company? No problem, just put it into the Images folder (C:Program Files (x86)Acumatica ERP<Your Site Name>Icons) with the specific name pattern (login_bg<Number>.jpg). Note that you can use many different images types, not only jpg. For example, dynamic .gif file can be super nice there. Check this link: Cinemagraph Have a nice setup.

Acumatica Demonstration Ideas

Searching for a coolest demo? First of all, I recommend you to install cloud instance to show the real speed of Acumatica and use Sales Demo pack of demo data. Here I will provide some ideas, what you can show. General features: Login with multiple browsers/tabs/users – quite cool to see, how scalable Acumatica is. Explain and show multi-tenancy. Show the dashboards and how easy to rearrange them. Also you can show drill-down and columns rearrangement strait from dashboard. Open any data-entry screen (like Sales Order Entry) and change the the size of browser. Users will see, how system rearrange controls depend on size of your device. Install and open Google translate plug-in and show how to translate Acumatica on the fly. Using… Read more

How to Install Acumatica for Demo

Hi Everybody Quite often I have a questions about how to do good Acumatica demo. Here I want describe some ways how you can provide a demo. What we need to provide demo: Place where we can install Acumatica demo instance Installed instance of Acumatica Prepared demo data Demo presentation and script List of coolest features Lets go through this points. We start with hosting and installing Acumatica and finish with presentation materials. Hosting Acumatica First of all we need to install acumatica some where. The only one requirement here is to have Microsoft Windows operation system. We have many options here: Install Acumatica on your local machine. This is most convenient way, as you will not depend… Read more