Team Development – Process and Responsibilities

Hi Everyone, Today want to give you one more view on the development process in Acumatica. When you have a team you have a different types of people with different skills. And everyone within a team should know their part of the whole process. In Acumatica every team has following members: Product Manager Developer Quality Asurance Engeneer Technical Writer They all and together participate in the feature delivery. And this diagram describes the best how feature workflow is organized between them: Now Let me describe it with details: Product Manager works with partners, clients and other information sources to prepare specification that will describe what feature should have from business… Read more

Team Development with Acumatica

Hi Everyone, Today want to share with you some ideas on how to organize your team development with Acumatica. In the Asia region we are getting more and more big implementation project where customization is involved. In the same time we have a lot of new ISVs with own development. With that I’m getting more and more a question on how to organize continues team development with Acumatica. So here I want to answer * on this image you see Git as a source control. This is only an example and you may use other source controls like SVN, TFS, Mercury and others. Acumatica does not have preferences in source… Read more