Run report with Side Panel

Hi everyone, Since version 2018R2, Acumatica has released feature call Side Panel on generic inquiry screen. It is a great feature to enhance the usability. In case that you have missed it, you can also check released notes here and configuration here. With side panel now, you can help user work more effectively by avoiding to many navigation. In one screen, you can do a lot of things for instance: view details of record or linked object, review dashboard, report, etc … Today I would like to share about the configuration. It can help user who need to work with some report or printed form can access it easier. Let… Read more

How to Translate Acumatica

Hi Everyone, It is actually very easy to localize Acumatica to any other language. And here I want to go thought the localization process Step by Step. System Locales First thing we need to do is to setup a new Locale on System Locale Screen. Here you can specify name, type and some other preferences. Please note that locale should be active, you can login only to Active locales. After you save, you will be able to see new locale on login page even if there is still no translation yet. Please note that locales are different per each company, so to choose your locale you should select correct company… Read more

Restrict Data Accessibility using Generic Inquries

Hi Everyone, In this article I want share with you one more idea of how can you use Acumatica Generic Inquires. Generic Inquires in Acumatica is key part of reporting and have plenty of usage examples: Notifications Using GI Environment Related Parameters Integration with OData Consolidation Reports And many others. Today I would like to add here scenario with restricting access right to data based on custom filtering conditions in the Generic Inquiry.   Lets assume we have two departments who is using opportunities for Products and Services. But we would like to disallow them see opportunities of each other.   Acumatica does not have data level security for opportunities,… Read more

Validating AP/AR Accounts Balances before Releasing Imported Invoices

Hi There, If you ever was involved in any implementation project and data migration process you have seen how complicated is to validate data after migration. It is especially important if you have documents that have to be released – if you release wrong document than there is now way to change document anymore and you have to reverse and create it again, that basically litteres documents history. Ok, we can see the problem, but is there any way to validate balances before releasing of the documents to minimize number of errors? When I have faced that problem, I have tried to find a solution and basically have found it… Read more

Recurring Notifications about Expiring Quotes

Hi There, Any ERP system is designed to help users as much as it is possible. And one of very common human bug is bad memory. So ERP should solve this issues by recurring notification on multiple possible documents/items. Just as for example, how cool is to have notification on expiring contract, quote or cases, so we can take an action in advance. Based on the previous article on notification from templates that I have shared with you few days before, we can design an processing screen that will send notifications for us. So the main idea around it is – every day Acumatica scheduler will trigger our logic, that… Read more

End User Training Approach

Hi There, Some time ago I had a new great experience for me – doing training for ERP end users. In was interesting and different form all my previous training experience because of following things: Training was half online half on site. That means that half of the team was in the room and half of the team was online, so I had to find a balance between online and offline communication. End users are focused on process and not on configurations or understanding. End users expect system to be fully ready. We need to keep and ensure focus of onsite and remote users We need to understand knowledge of… Read more

Trial Balance Detailed Generic Inquiry

Hi All, During my last project I have faces a situation that Acumatica does not give us ability to see Trial Balance detailed by subaccount with denominated currency balance. That information might be needed because of integration with 3rd party system. They only things available: Account Summary Inquiry screen – it gives us account balances withing base and denominated currency, but it does not give us information about subaccounts. Trial Balance Detailed report – it gives us detailed information about subaccounts, but there is not balance in denominated currency. But we have a solution under the cut. But fortunately Acumatica has very powerful Generic Inquiries where we can construct such… Read more

Configuring Batch Payments for Custom File Format

Hi All, Today I want to share with you an configuration way for new bank format. Out of the box Acumatica supports: ACH and GIRO file types. Support for bank files works through configuration of 3 different components Batch Payments – Process where multiple payments can be combined to one single document. Exactly this document will be exported to payment file. Export scenarios – To generate real file from document Acumatica uses export scenarios with special data provider. Scenario is uses as instruction and columns mapping between file and acumatica. Data Provider – Knows how to generate required file. For different payment standard you may need to create a different… Read more

Sync files from Acumatica to FTP server

Hi Everyone, In Acumatica for every file you have in the database you may enable exporting or importing it to several supported protocols: Shared Folder FTP HTTP * Unfortunately HTTP protocol is supported only for downloading. Today I want to share with you configuration and usage flow of file synchronizations based on File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Please be sure you have one if you want to complete this exercise. All acumatica files should be attached to one or multiple entities. So you can find files attached to one particular document/line or you also can use search in files screen: If you select single file will be able to see some… Read more

Approving of Requisition Requests depend on budget validation

Hi All, Starting from past release of 5.3 (version 5.30.1966) Acumatica has added new option to help you to define different approval logic depend on the budget validation. On the RQRequest DAC now we have a new field “Is Over Budget”, that you can check when you configure your approval maps. This flag will be automatically calculated by the system, when any line in the request has exceeded the configured budget. Actually this flag represents the budget validation warning. The budget validation and system behavior on budget exceeding can be configured on Request classes form. System can raise errors, warnings or do nothing. If we want to approve over-budget items… Read more

Multi-Level Approval in Acumatica

Hi Everyone, Today I want to sore with you and idea of how to define the multi-level approval workflow in Acumatica ERP. Acumatica has approval feature in many different parts of the system, like Sales/Purchase Orders, Requisition, Requests, Projects and now starting from 6.0 also on AP documents. Every time when you need to define approval hierarchy, you should check the “Assignment and approval maps” screen in the system. The main idea on defining multiple levels of approval is that you need need to create dependent conditions, when each next level can check that the previous level is approved. So: On the first level you just need to specify “base”… Read more

Acumatica Learning Paths

Hi Everyone, Today I want to speak with you about the ways how to learn more about Acumatica and how to do it better. First of all, if you are a new person, you need to start with overview videos: Must See Overview Video Collection of other overviews When you get more familiar with interface and general idea you can start with beginner training materials and than move forward with more advanced. When you choosing training to attend always keep in mind your personal role in the company. If you are pre-sales engineer you may not need to learn more about Fixed Assets configuration. And vice-versa if you are business… Read more

Test Tenants

Hi Everyone, As you know, Acumatica license restricts number of tenants that you can have on the instance. Depend on size it can be 3, 10, 20 and so on. If you create more tenants than is allowed by your license, system will hide it on login screen and write a message “Companies list is restricted due to the license”. This is correct behavior for production instances, where you entering your businesses data, but what should you do if you want to test something (import data, close financial year, implement new module). Acumatica tracks in the system 2 types of tenants: Production and Test. Your license limits only amount of production tenants, but you can create… Read more

Trial Mode in Acumatica

Hi Everyone, Today I want to speak little-bit about Acumatica Trial License and the way how you can use it. You need to know that Acumatica trial license is very good and flexible, so it can be a big advantage for you and your team. When you install new instance of Acumatica with no license, you have just two restrictions – number of simultaneously working users and numbers of cores. Simultaneously working users means that you are not able to have more than 2 users who are using the same instance in the same time. When new user tries to logic, licensing core will automatically logout one user with oldest activity in… Read more