Personalize Acumatica for Demo

Hi Everyone, Some times you want to impress your prospect with super nice demo. Of course you can do good investigation and nice presentation, but to be great you need to speak with customer on the same language. That means that you need to prepare customer specific data in your demo system. But also you can slightly customize Acumatica instance to show customer logo and icons. What else you can easily customize to show nice and familiar UI to customer: Customize login page images, Customize logo, Using different themes, Customize style and colors. Lets discuss all these stuff. Customize login page It is nice if customer will see their own logos and images… Read more

Custom Snapshots Configuration

Hi Everyone, As you know Acumatica supports Snapshot functionality to copy, migrate, backup and restore data between one or multiple instance of Acumatica. Using snapshots you even can migrate data between different database types (Cloud, Microsoft Sql Serve, MySql). You can get more about snapshots from this video – Acumatica Snapshot on YouTube When you creating snapshot, system will go through all database tables, select appropriate data and put it into separate tenant (with negative tenant id, which is actually linked to original tenant by id number). You can define what data will selected from the database, by defining Export mode: Snapshots is database level technology that knows nothing about business logic and… Read more

Branches, Companies and Tenants

Hi Everyone, All business are unique and diverse, so some times you may need to implement customer who has set of separate legal entities (companies). Companies may have diff erent uses, accounts, currencies and so on, but you still want to build a consolidate reporting. What Acumatica can offer here? For a number of legal entities, you can set up Acumatica ERP in one of two ways, depending on the business requirements of the companies: Tenants (aka Companies) – an independent tenant for each company Branches – one tenant for all companies and configure a set of branches for each company. Branches vs Tenants overview: Tenants Branches Listed on the login page Selected within a tenant… Read more

Setup Notifications to the Approver

Hi Everyone, Are looking for a way, how to setup notifications in Acumatica? If yes, please follow these steps: Create Automation Notification In the Addresses tab, specify the “Document” in the Source field and selected the “Approver>Default Contact> Email” in the Email field. Assuming this is the field to be used for to notify the approvers of a document. Create an Expense Claim and activate the approval process by un-ticking the Hold checkbox. Approver shown in the Approval Details. Make sure the Approver’s email is updated in the Employees screen. Notification is created. Make sure that you have scheduler for sending notifications. And also check that you email account is… Read more