Rename Acumatica Instance

Hi All, Once in a while everyone need to rename Acumatica instance to the better name. In this article I want to share with you 2 ways how you can do that Using Wizard Acumatica Configuration Wizard has a nice function to rename any of the installed instances. Renaming includes the Instance name and Virtual Directory Name. To do so: Open Wizard Go to “Perform Application Maintenance” Choose instance you want to rename Click “Instance Info” Use “Rename” links next to “Instance Name” or “Virtual Directory Name” Don’t forget to Save and close the window using OK button. Sql Server Database should be renamed manually, but wizard can help to… Read more

Restoring database and create an instance.

Hi guys, I want to share on how you will restore an instance from an existing database file. We usually use the snapshot function of Acumatica, if the system has too many tenants, you will make a snapshot every single out of it, which will make it very tiring task for you also added if the database data is so large. Note: This is only good if you have access on the database itself with management tools, like SQL Management Studio for SQL Server, or Any GUI for MySQL/MariaDB Servers which will produce a .bak File or a .SQL File for you to restore. How to Create an Instance from… Read more

Keep Multiple Acumatica Installers Locally

Hi Everyone, When you install Acumatica from AcumaticaERPInstall.msi you actually get program that we call Acumatica Configuration Wizard. Than you can use Wizard to install as many as you wish Acumatica Instances. So Acumatica installation is done thought 2 steps: Configuration Wizard installation via MSI file Acumatica ERP Instance deployment via Acumatica Configuration Wizard. Today want to share with you nice trick on how to have multiple Acumatica Configuration Wizards at the same time. You most probably know that you cannot install several versions of Acumatica Configurations Wizards on machine at the same time. That is some sort of limitation from Microsoft Windows that does not allow to have one… Read more

How to Translate Acumatica

Hi Everyone, It is actually very easy to localize Acumatica to any other language. And here I want to go thought the localization process Step by Step. System Locales First thing we need to do is to setup a new Locale on System Locale Screen. Here you can specify name, type and some other preferences. Please note that locale should be active, you can login only to Active locales. After you save, you will be able to see new locale on login page even if there is still no translation yet. Please note that locales are different per each company, so to choose your locale you should select correct company… Read more

Change Azure VMSize for Acumatica Package

Hi All, Past several years Microsoft has added multiple possible VM sizes (that you can check here) and they actually will not stop at this point. So we need a good way to easily change some properties, if we want to have custom Azure configurations. Today i want to share with you the way how can you repack Acumatica Azure package. To complete there steps you need to have installed: Microsoft .Net 4.0+ for running PowerShell script. Azure SDK 2.9+ You can download it here. Actually you just need a one single tool that will do packing – MicrosoftAzureAuthoringTools-x64.msi. Than you will be able to find a CSPack.exe tool by this… Read more

Restore Large Snapshot

Hi Everyone, Have you seen such error before when you try to upload snapshot of the size more than a gigabyte? The Error message: “Snapshot file size exceed the maximum allowed size”. There are multiple reasons why it is not allowed – connection stability, IIS limitations, Memory size, on the fly processing limitations and so on. But what you still need to restore a snapshot and you need to in any possible way? Lucky you there is a stable way for that using Acumatica Configuration Wizard. Wizard uses the same engine as snapshots to import data during setup, so it can easily insert your snapshots data with no matter on… Read more

Move Customization project to Source Control/Another Server

Hi There, When you are doing customization it is usually much faster and easier to start it using Acumatica Customization Browser and even create an extension library from there. But later, you might need to move customization somewhere: to source control folder to another production/testing/development server to use Acumatica ERP instead of framework. In this article I want to show you how to link all the things together if you move it. Customization usually consists of 2 things: Customization package – just a zip file that contains all the changes that should be applied during customization publication. Sources of extension library – that is something that should be kept outside… Read more

Acumatica Test Companies

Hi All, As you may know Acumatica does not limit the number of users that can connect to the system but it limits the number of cores that may be used by the system and number of tenants (companies) that can be created and used in the database. However these roles applies only for properly licensed instance. If you are using Acumatica in the trial mode (read more there), you have a limitation on 2 concurrently working users and maximum 10 tenants. Here I want to discuss with you some points number allowed tenants. When you apply license to Acumatica instance, you limit number of production tenants to allowed by… Read more

Database Maintenance

Hi Everyone, Today i want to share with you some ideas of how you should take care of you database. Database is really highly loaded system: you doing a billions of operations,creating of millions of records every day/week/month. And all of these things should go together with highest security, performance and redundancy. To ensure a health of your database you should take case of it regularly, the same like you do with your own health. Otherwise, some day you will see something like this: This really means that something wrong happened with your database. It might be hardware, software, network or other failure. To ensure you database health, just schedule… Read more

Install Customized Package on Acumatica

Hi All, Acumatica is growing rapidly over the past several years. We are opening new offices in new countries and going to new markets. But some countries requires some specific adaptation. In general can be – language localization, government required reports, country specific taxes and so on. But as you may see, these functionality is required only for the specific markets, other users do not want to see not related reports and features. So we have decided to add it as a official customization to the standard product. Everyone who requires it can download and install package from Acumatica or request it from your contact person in Acumatica. I’m pretty… Read more

Recommendations for Application Server Memory

Hi All, Some times ago we had these recommendations for hardware resources: Small – 2 Cores, 4 GB Ram Medium – 4 Cores, 8 GB Ram Large – 8 Cores, 16 GB Ram These numbers was mapped to Amazon EC2, C3 Instance type. But after latest performance investigation we have found that 4 GB is too small for normal run of Acumatica. 8 gigabytes should be minimum requirements for any Acumatica deployment. So I recommend you increase server memory if you have less than 8 GB. This is important especially for small instances and Amazon deployments. New recommendations are: Small – 2 Cores, 8 GB Ram Medium – 4 Cores,… Read more

Setup Acumatica and MS Sql Database on the Same Server

Hi All, When you plan to how to better install small edition of Acumatica (edition for 2 cores), you may notice that most of all modern servers usually have 4-8 and more cores. And what to do if Acumatica just uses 2 cores from 8? In this case you may want to install Database Management Server on the same machine. It is good option, as you can utilize other “unused” cores. Usually Acumatica recommends to have 2 separate servers for application and database and this is totally better and more stable configuration. So every-time when you can setup 2 separate servers do it. But Acumatica totally supports configuration with single… Read more

Moving Acumatica to Different Server with License

Hi Everyone, Today i want to speak about Acumatica Licenses and the ways how to move instances without damage to license. When you lunch Acumatica for first time, it will generate unique Environment ID (Installation ID) that will include: Application pool Local application pool user. Web site + virtual directory Server Each time when you change any of these parameters, Acumatica will automatically change Environment ID. When you apply new license to some instance, Acumatica will get Environment ID and send it to licensing server. Server will encrypt new license together with provided Environment ID. When client receive license file, it will save file to the one particular database that is associated with… Read more

Acumatica Customer Self-Service Portal

Hi Everyone Acumatica has 2 separate products that shares the same platform: Acumatica ERP – that is main application that has all available buisiness suites (financial, distribution and etc) Acumatica Portal – that is additional application that comes together with ERP. Portal uses the same platform, technology and database, so you will not see any difference in user interface. But it provides separate functionality that good to use together with ERP. Portal has separate functionality that can be used by external users (Customers, Vendors, Prospects, Investors) to get access to company internal information, documentation, support and financial information (invoices / payments). Portal share the same database with ERP, so all data… Read more

How to Install Acumatica for Demo

Hi Everybody Quite often I have a questions about how to do good Acumatica demo. Here I want describe some ways how you can provide a demo. What we need to provide demo: Place where we can install Acumatica demo instance Installed instance of Acumatica Prepared demo data Demo presentation and script List of coolest features Lets go through this points. We start with hosting and installing Acumatica and finish with presentation materials. Hosting Acumatica First of all we need to install acumatica some where. The only one requirement here is to have Microsoft Windows operation system. We have many options here: Install Acumatica on your local machine. This is most convenient way, as you will not depend… Read more