Moving Acumatica to Different Server with License

Hi Everyone, Today i want to speak about Acumatica Licenses and the ways how to move instances without damage to license. When you lunch Acumatica for first time, it will generate unique Environment ID (Installation ID) that will include: Application pool Local application pool user. Web site + virtual directory Server Each time when you change any of these parameters, Acumatica will automatically change Environment ID. When you apply new license to some instance, Acumatica will get Environment ID and send it to licensing server. Server will encrypt new license together with provided Environment ID. When client receive license file, it will save file to the one particular database that is associated with… Read more

Acumatica License Mode: Track users count Users instead of Sessions

Hi Everyone, Acumatica product licenses limit the number of concurrent user sessions. By default, a user is allowed to login with the same credentials from any number of browsers within this limit. You can disallow multiple sessions of the same user account, making licenses limit the number of users rather than user sessions. This is called Manage Per-User Session Count. To do this, you should set the concurrentUserMode property to true in the membership provider in web.config of your site as follows: <membership defaultProvider=”PXActiveDirectorySyncMembershipProvider”> <providers> <remove name=”MySQLMembershipProvider” /> <add name=”PXActiveDirectorySyncMembershipProvider” type=”PX.Data.PXActiveDirectorySyncMembershipProvider, PX.Data” mainProviderType=”PX.Data.PXDatabaseMembershipProvider” ………………………………………… concurrentUserMode=”true” /> ………………………………………… </providers> </membership> As a result, a user will be able to log in with the same… Read more

Test Tenants

Hi Everyone, As you know, Acumatica license restricts number of tenants that you can have on the instance. Depend on size it can be 3, 10, 20 and so on. If you create more tenants than is allowed by your license, system will hide it on login screen and write a message “Companies list is restricted due to the license”. This is correct behavior for production instances, where you entering your businesses data, but what should you do if you want to test something (import data, close financial year, implement new module). Acumatica tracks in the system 2 types of tenants: Production and Test. Your license limits only amount of production tenants, but you can create… Read more

Trial Mode in Acumatica

Hi Everyone, Today I want to speak little-bit about Acumatica Trial License and the way how you can use it. You need to know that Acumatica trial license is very good and flexible, so it can be a big advantage for you and your team. When you install new instance of Acumatica with no license, you have just two restrictions – number of simultaneously working users and numbers of cores. Simultaneously working users means that you are not able to have more than 2 users who are using the same instance in the same time. When new user tries to logic, licensing core will automatically logout one user with oldest activity in… Read more