Redirect On Page Load

Hi There, You know that you can embed custom pages right inside Acumatica. Best examples here are YouTube, Binq, Stack Exchange, Currency Rates or something else But what if you need something like this, but dynamic – have a special URL depend on user, screen or other environment variables. In that case you cannot just hard-code URL in sitemap, as it will be always the same. Here we need to be able to redirect user to special URL form code. And I can suggest you 2 possible options to do that: PXRedirectToUrlException When page is shown and graph is loaded, you can throw a redirect exception that will be handled… Read more

Acumatica Cloud xRP Summit

Hi All, Join us for our inaugural interactive & engaging Virtual Developer Conference, where we have lined up some great speakers & content that will help you, the developer – whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the platform. Learn a new tip or trick in the advanced framework session or learn about new features in our roadmap session. And I am one of panelists! Join us and we will have great fun there!

Filtering Inventory Items by new Field

Hi There, Have you seen a situation when you want to filter list in the selector by the custom field? Most probably yes, as that is quite common requirement form many different users. Here I want to show you how to do that easily based on example with custom field in Inventory Item. Custom Field First of all lets add a custom field to inventory item. nothing complicated, just a custom text box. Showing Field in Selector By default that field will not be shown in selector, but we can easily add it there by modifying PXUIField Attibute: Visibility = PXUIVisibility.SelectorVisible. public class InventoryItemExt : PXCacheExtension<PX.Objects.IN.InventoryItem> {        #region UsrModuleNumber       … Read more

Manual Mass Notifications

Hi All, Lets imagine scenario where you want to send multiple notifications about multiple documents from the system. It might be quite complicated if you decide to do it manually. Today I want to show you one trick how you can trigger standard notification on multiple documents at once. For this task we will use Automation Notifications, Custom Field and Generic Inquiry. My scenario would be to update my customers about quotes that are expiring soon. I want to review them before sending notifications, but do not want to do it one by one. General idea is – to have a special not visible but editable field that will trigger… Read more

PXUIEnabled and PXUIRequired Attributes

Hi All, If you developing something on Acumatica xRP platform you know that changing of the UI fields visibility should be done through PXUIFieldAttribute on the RowSelected event. This works perfect on small screens with limited number of controls. But most of ERP screens are not really small. So most probably you already saw such types of code on the RowSelected in SOOrderEntry graph and many others. Not nice and really hard to support. Luckily now we have a different way to do it: PXUIEnabled – based on provided BQL conditions can automatically change UIFieldAttribute Enabled property. PXUIRequired – based on provided BQL condition can automatically change PXDefaultAttribute PersistingCheck property.… Read more

Getting started with Acumatica xRP Platform

Hi All, Sometimes I get a questions like this: How to start development with Acumatica xRP platform? How complex is it? Where we can get some guidance? So here I want to summarize all thoughts that I have about it. I would select these steps that i would recommend you to do: Ensure Pre-Requisites Get Acumatica Prepare Development Environment Learn Acumatica xRP Platform Do Development Communicate & Support Lets go though each of these steps in details under the cut. Knowledge Pre-Requisites To be able to do development you need to have a knowledge of technology and programming language used in Acumatica. This knowledge outside of Acumatica training course: Proficiency… Read more

Site Configuration using Customization

Hi All, Acumatica as most of web applications has some configurations that are stored on the file system. For example it can be a web.config or any other file that is stored in Site folder itself. During upgrade procedure Acumatica overrides all standard files to ensure that system will work correctly with all latest platform changes correctly. This is correct, as any automatic merge of configurations can cause to compilation errors. This is especially harmful if you site is in public cloud and you have no access to the instance. So that means if you do custom configuration (like redirection rules, filters or custom controls) your changes most probably will… Read more

Acumatica Test Companies

Hi All, As you may know Acumatica does not limit the number of users that can connect to the system but it limits the number of cores that may be used by the system and number of tenants (companies) that can be created and used in the database. However these roles applies only for properly licensed instance. If you are using Acumatica in the trial mode (read more there), you have a limitation on 2 concurrently working users and maximum 10 tenants. Here I want to discuss with you some points number allowed tenants. When you apply license to Acumatica instance, you limit number of production tenants to allowed by… Read more

Reuse Session during API Calls

Hi All, If you using Acumatica Web Services you most probably saw the examples where you need to call Login and GetSchema methods before each valuable operation. This is OK in general, but if you building some complex and high loaded integration as the result you may get something like this: Not very nice as it creates additional traffic network traffic and unnecessary load to server. Much better way is to cache Cookies and Schema on the client side and refresh it only if it was not in use for some period of time. Here I want to share with you an example where I create a new class inherited… Read more

Acumatica Test Framework

Hi All, Acumatica has a strong focus on the Platform and Development tools, that can help all our clients and partners to provide better product faster and with lower cost. One of the nice and free tool that Acumatica provides as part of platform is Acumatica Test Framework. Acumatica test Framework is a set of tools and libraries that can be used for unattended black-box testing of any product or customization that is based on Acumatica Platform right in your favorite browser. For interacting with UI controls and components Acumatica Test Framework uses Selenium Web Driver. You can read more about Selenium here. The high level diagram of Test Framework… Read more

Replacing Cache with custom class

Hi All, Today i want to share with you a good trick how you can override original PXCache object. Why you may need it? To replace base cache logic, that should not be executed in some cases. Forbid cache to read data for database in case of virtual DAC Inject required logic to the standard workflow Do not clear cache data on graph clearing Access protected method And many other things. As you may know, that when you (or system) create a new instance of a graph, it will automatically instantiate all caches for each data views that are declared. Unfortunately, because this is unattended process it is almost impossible… Read more

Make compilation of extension library faster

Hi All, When you develop customization using Microsoft Visual Studio you may notice that compilation process (if you click F6 or Ctrl+Shift+B) is really long – you may wait for 5-10 minutes. Usually this happens because system compiles full solution that contains DLL and also Web Site. Site has multiple pages that have aspx markup and must be transformed before compilation. But actually this process is required only for validation purpose and does not require for Acumatica functionality, as ASP.NET will compile page any way one more time when you open it in browser. You may read more about it here. So as it is optional compilation you may guess… Read more

Mass Processing using GI

Hi All, Lets assume that you have multiple records where you need to mass execute some action or update multiple fields to the new value. From the I100 Acumatica Integration Services Training course you may know that you can do it with Export or Import scenarios. Integration Scenarios are some sort of the small program inside your ERP where you can update multiple fields, calculate depended values, execute actions and so on. But what if you want to have more control on records need to be updated. Some sort of semi-manual mass updating tool? In this case Generic Inquiry Mass Update feature can be more interesting and useful. Lets try… Read more

Disable Discounts Calculation for API Calls

Hi All, When you creating a multiple AR/SO documents with multiple lines through the API, you may have a nice trick to little-bit optimize system performance. By default Acumatica business logic is optimized for entering data from UI, so all variables as taxes and discounts must be recalculated on each document line. But during bulk load you actually can do it just once – before document save. Here you have extension that will disable automatic discounts calculation if you loading data from API or Integration services. public class SOOrderEntryExtension : PXGraphExtension<SOOrderEntry> {        [PXOverride]        public virtual void RecalculateDiscounts(PXCache sender, SOLine line, Action<PXCache, SOLine> del)        {               if (!Base.IsImport)… Read more

Hidden file revisions clearing action in Acumatica

Hi All, Today I want to show you one one trick that can help you to purge revisions history of all files in Acumatica and keep database lighter. Acumatica has a hidden button, that can go through all files in the system and check revisions. If date of revision is older that specified one, Acumatica will delete all revisions except the latest one. By default this function is hidden for security reasons, so if you want to enable it be really careful and restrict assess rights from all uses except system administrator. Ok, to enable this hidden function, you should use Acumatica customization tools for screen “Search In Files” (SM202520).… Read more

Export notes to excel from the grid

Hi All, Today want to share with you simple trick. Starting from version 5.2 Acumatica does not export notes to the excel file from the grid by default. This was done for performance optimizations. So if you go to Journal Transactions and export data, you will see something like this: But fortunately it can be easily changed by using Acumatica customization engine. Just click Customization->Inspect element and then click on the grid, than click customize. Customize button will open additional window where you can specify some configurations for the grid and other elements. We need just one – Export Notes. Set property to “True” and than you can publish customization… Read more

Mobile Acumatica on Desktop

Hi All, Today I want to share with you one way how you can play around or even show through the online demo Acumatica mobile application on your laptop/desktop computer. Actually there are a lot of ways how you can mirror the real device screen, but today I want to go with you with setting up an android emulator on your desktop. Here you can find step by step instruction of how to setup working instance: First of all you need to download emulator software to your machine from the official web site. I recommend you to use Andy Android Emulator Click download and save the file. (installation file will be… Read more

Reusing of Browser Features in your ERP

Hi All, Acumatica is true cloud based ERP and works in the browser as fish in the water. This give us some good ways to reuse browser features for our own benefits. For example: Online translations with Google Translate – Online spell checker together with browser – Easy browser search thought data and reports – Multiple tabs – Zoom-In and Zoom-Out – Embedded online tools like Excel, YouTube or Maps – Single Sing On – And this is not the end on list and web technologies! You can have much more! Have a nice work!

Embed Excel Online File to Acumatica User Interface

Hi All Have you ever use Google docs or Office 365? It is new way of working, when all your documents are somewhere in the cloud. Many employees can view and edit documents simultaneously. Today I want to share with you one trick how you can include Excel file  (and other office documents as well) right to Acumatica user interface. If you interesting in this, welcome in this article. Configurations Steps: First of all you need to create excel file. I will use InvoicedItems,xlsx file that is attached to InvoicedItems generic inquiry page in Sales Demo data. Login to your Office 365 aтв open One Drive Upload your excel file to one… Read more