In-Screen Popup Panels with iFrame

Hi Everyone, Most probably you have seen the function in Acumatica where you can open a new screen in a iframe on top of the existing screen without navigation. This approach has some benifits and disadvantages. Have inplace pupup helps to have less redirection and less windows, but in the same time it blocks the previous page and you cant modify/see background untill you close the popup. Choose the way you use wisely based on the requiranments and design you have. How to call inline popup? public PXAction<SOOrder> createPrepayment; [PXUIField(DisplayName = “Create Prepayment”, MapViewRights = PXCacheRights.Select, MapEnableRights = PXCacheRights.Update)] [PXButton(ImageKey = PX.Web.UI.Sprite.Main.AddNew)] protected virtual void CreatePrepayment() { ARPaymentEntry target =… Read more

Redirecting to External Page from Button

Hi There, Want to share with you my experience with working with redirects from Acumatica. You may know that due to security issues and stability of software, redirect to external web site in the iFrame is forbidden in Acumatica. So every time when you use “PXRedirectToUrlException” for url like “” system will open url in separate window/tab. That is OK in mane cases, but sometimes you really need that functionality. One way to solve that issue is well described in a separate article – Redirect on Page Load But that one is applicable only if you want to have a menu item in Acumatica SiteMap. If you want to redirect… Read more

Using Colors in Acumatica

Hi All, Today I want to share with one way how you can highlight some Acumatica rows or data with colors or other text styles. Disclaimer: Please note that this way does not follows the standard customization way, so any changes may be not supported in future versions of Acumatica. Also it might be very complex to support this customization during Acumatica upgrades. Before we can change colors, first of all we need to do understand how Acumatica applies styles. Acumatica uses Cascade Style Sheets (CSS). All elements (Forms, Grids, Row, Fields, Buttons, …) are associated with one or many styles. All styles are defined in Acumatica folder itself You… Read more

Extend/Change Field Size

Hi Everyone, Today I want to show you how easy to change the size of control in Acumatica. Let assume that we have some field with big value. It is not very convenient for us to scroll value every time, so we want to change it. Let do it with several simple steps. But here we need to include customization. Create a new customization project using customization menu. Inspect element using customization menu. >On the popup window use customization button. In the customization browser find required field and specify size. In my case size should be bigger, so I set “SM” value. Save changes and publish customization project. Check and… Read more