Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Printing Two Reports at Once

Hi All,

Want to share with you one trick that I just discovered with help of one of our great partners in Africa region.
create 2 reports

If you need to print 3 copies of the invoice (Customer Copy; Finance Copy; and Distribution Copy) at one click, you can use this trick:
All you need is just create 2 reports and include copy into the main one as sub-report.

See steps here:

1) Have 2 reports. I'm using here 2 invoice formats form Sales Demo data.
create 2 reports acumatica

2) Open main (of first) report in report designer and add new sub-report in the last (report footer) section.
report footer acumatica

Do not forget to do following there:
  • Specify Second report name in the sub-report configuration.
  • Pass parameters from main report to sub-report
  • Add a page break before printing a copy
3) Now you can save report to Acumatica and test it.
save report to Acumatica

Have a nice reporting!

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