Thursday, 8 September 2016

Mass Processing using GI

Hi All,

Lets assume that you have multiple records where you need to mass execute some action or update multiple fields to the new value.
From the I100 Acumatica Integration Services Training course you may know that you can do it with Export or Import scenarios. Integration Scenarios are some sort of the small program inside your ERP where you can update multiple fields, calculate depended values, execute actions and so on.

But what if you want to have more control on records need to be updated. Some sort of semi-manual mass updating tool? In this case Generic Inquiry Mass Update feature can be more interesting and useful.

Lets try to use it.

I will share with you example based on Non-Stock Inventory items and we will click Update Cost button for multiple records.

To use GI Mass Actions you need to complete following steps:

  1. Create a generic inquiry for the required entity
    1. Add new inquiry to the sitemap
    2. Select needed tables - In my case it is Inventory Item
    3. Define filters - In my case I filter non-stock items with standard cost valuation method
    4. Add field to result grid.
  2. On the Entry Point tab
    1. We need to select Data Entry page - exactly this page will handle all actions and business logic. In my case it is Non-Stock Items
    2. We need to activate "Mass Records Update" and "Mass Actions on Records" - this will show you 2 new tabs on GI designer screen
  3. On the Mass Update Fields select fields that you want to maintain. In my case it is Pending Cost and Pending Cost Date
  4. On the Mass Actions select all actions you want to use. In my case it is just Update Cost. Please not that all actions will have 2 buttons - Action and Action All - to handle one an all records.

Actually now you can use it:

You also can apply all required filters, conditions and other iterations on GI, so your mass processing will be as much interactive as it possible.

Have a nice configuration!

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